Saturday, June 29, 2013

Alan Firmin- in the darkest moments

This is a photo I found of Natalie Portman. It caught my eye because sheis one of my favorite actresses and I like that the photographer Alan Firmin takes the portrait and changes it to create a different reaction. It is also a great demonstration of how adjusting levels and probably using various filters or color/hue/lightness/darkness variations can really make a peice stand out.

"We have all been there, some more than most, but every single individual has faced those dark, lonely moments in life where the walls were closing in, the air seemed a little thinner and the exit to that particular situation was no where to be seen. But life has a way of flowing in cycles and we come to realize, slowly as we grow older, that the highs are not really that high and the lows can be overcome." -Alam Firmin

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