Saturday, June 8, 2013

Nan Goldin - Tell A Story

Nan Goldin

Cookie at Tin Pan Alley, NYC

The colors, reds and yellows and create a sense of loneliness and stewing in anger. The darkness of the bar reminds me of a Rembrant painting. Or drowning sorrows in alcohol- the tilt of the the frame suggests that the subject is off-balance or about to pass out.

Gina at Bruce's dinner party, NYC

This is a different color pallet with some bright colors in the  lime green shirt and blue vase. Orange and yellow banana on the fruit plate. The subject Gina looks tired and a little lonely. The lighting is almost like a spotlight. I also like how the photo is a parallel to the painting on the wall.

Nan and Brian in Bed, NYC
A self-portrait that could either be what it happening in the moment. Brian having a post-coitus smoke and Nan staring at him. Or it could be her memory. Again the reddish orange color suggest maybe alcohol or the garish morning light.

Guido on the dock, Venice

In this one the subject is staring at the light. What is thinking? Did he just whack something. The blue gives is a moody feel with blacks suggesting darkness.

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